About Us

Kıvanç Energy Group, whose foundations were laid in 2006 with the establishment of Kıvanç Enerji Elektrik Üretim AŞ (Kıvanç Energy), is a group of companies providing services in different areas of the energy sector. Kıvanç Energy Group offers an integrated service mix with the activities of the energy sector in different fields, especially electricity production and sales carried out by Kıvanç Energy.

Kıvanç Energy Group operates in three different fields: "Electricity Production", "Electricity Sales and Trade", "Construction and Operation of Power Plants". Kıvanç Energy acts with the principle of realizing projects that contribute to sustainability in all aspects and continues its investments in line with its target and vision to increase resource share in the electricity generation portfolio and go to resource diversification.

Kıvanc Energy continues its efforts to bring domestic and renewable energy resources to our economy by using the most efficient level. Our company invests in the fields of Solar, Wind and Hydroelectric energy, among the areas where our country has high potential.

Within the structure of Kıvanç Energy Group, there are currently three Hydroelectric Power Plants, one Wind Power Plant which is under construction and one Licensed Solar Energy Project which is waiting for necessary permissions. In addition, there are 17,5 MWh Unlicensed Solar Power Plants in the group. When all of the projects go into operation, our group will reach a total installed power capacity of 139,00 MWh.